Monarch Buzz 4

  • Monarch Buzz 4
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Monarch Buzz 4. Collapsible into 5 pieces. Comfortable padded seat. 136kg weight capacity. 6 kph top speed (programmable). Loop handlebars for easy steering. Puncture proof tyres. Interchangeable colour panels. Removable battery pack for external charging. Choice of battery pack size.


The Monarch Buzz is a four-wheel portable scooter that pulls apart easily for transport in the boot of a car. A simple one-hand operation separates the front and rear sections and the battery pack simply lifts out of the scooter. With the heaviest section weighing 13 kgs, it makes it easy to lift into the boot for those that find lifting difficult.


Weight with batteries 50kg
Weight without batteries 39kg
Heaviest piece 18.6kg
Weight capacity 136kg
Dimensions (L x W) 105 cm x 55 cm
Ground clearance to motor 38 mm
Seat (W x D) 425 mm x 400 mm
Maximum Speed Programmable
Operating Range 12-20 km
Front and Rear Wheels 200 mm
Electronics 50a amp
Charger (off board) 2.5-4 amp
Batteries 18A/H