Mobility Scooter Repairs

At Ability Scooters we understand that the maintenance of your scooter is crucial to your daily life. Whether you have a flat tyre or require a battery replacement, Ability Scooters have all your mobility scooter repair and replacement needs.

What’s Involved In A Mobility Scooter Service?

Our mobility scooter service include:

  • Tightening the front suspension
  • Removing wheels and greasing axles
  • Checking front wheel bearings
  • Checking batteries
  • Checking battery charger
  • Removing brushes from motor and blowing carbon out
  • Checking plug connections
  • Checking and greasing seat post
  • Checking tyres and inflating to correct pressure

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Do you remember the last time your mobility scooter was serviced? Was it six months ago? Or maybe it was over a year ago? Six months is pretty standard, but leaving it more than a year is dangerous. Daily wear and tear can quickly take its toll on your mobility scooter. All vehicles become warn over time, that is why servicing your mobility scooter is so important.

Sometimes servicing can be seen as just another expense. At Ability Scooters we prefer to call it an investment. The potential costs of damage done to the motor, suspension, brakes or your health, due to a lack of maintenance are much greater, than that of a service.


How often should I service my mobility scooter?

Servicing your scooter every 8-12 months will not only help protect your warranty, it will protect your health and safety by preventing accidents. It depends on how often you use the scooter and how well you look after it.

If you bring your mobility scooter in for a service and it ends up needing repairs instead, we will be happy to help. Sometimes repairs can catch you off guard, we understand that and will work with you to find a solution to best suit your needs.

Mobility Scooter Repairs Melbourne

We will be able to fault find and diagnose the problem quickly

Most mobility scooter repairs can be done on the spot, however some repairs may require parts to be sourced.

Usually we can get parts quickly. It depends on the model and what it wrong

Some of the most common repairs we perform are;

  • Fixing tyre issues like puncture and fitting new tyres
  • Electrical issues
  • Lights not working
  • Not start properly
  • Erratic speed control

We will always discuss what the problem(s) are and what options you have before performing any work. There will be no surprises. We are up front and honest about the pricing of mobility scooter repairs.

If you require any type of repair work done to your mobility scooter, please call 0408 057 754 and arrange a time to drop your scooter.

Mobility scooter repairs near me

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